Hair Trimmer
Hair Trimmer
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  • Moisture-rich nanoe
  • Heat Protection Mode
  • Quick-dry Nozzle
  • Foldable, lightweight Panasonic nanoe travel hair dryer na27  makes it quick and easy to dry and style at home, work, the gym and while travelling
  • Nanoe draws moisture from the air to infuse hair with moisture rich particles 1,000x richer than typical ions to reduce damage caused by everyday brushing and enhance hair’s smoothness and shine
  • Exclusive, pro quality quick dry nozzle provides strong and soft airflows for concentrated styling, fast drying time and smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair
  • Powerful 1400 watt travel hair dryer includes high, medium and cool airflow settings for different styles, drying times and hair types; Power source 125v 60hz
  • The Panasonic eh na27  hair dryer has a portable, compact design with folding handle fits neatly into bags and luggage, stores easily in drawers, easy clean filter maintains peak performance
  • Safety Cutting system 
  • Compact Design 
  • Washable
  • AA Battery x1
  • Skin Guard for Sensitive Skin, reduction of Pain
  • For Wet & Dry Epilation, Washable
  • Attachments : Two Epilation Heads
  • For Underarms, Arms, Bikini Lines & Legs
  • Battery Type (AAA x 2)


  • Compared to conventional models, the 32.4mm wide head covers an area that is 30% wider and removes more hair in one stroke, for a quicker epilation. 
  • The head can be flexed through 90, keeping it closer to the skin. The pivoting head fits smoothly to uneven contours of the body, keeping unplucked hair from remaining. Its also lets you cover hard-to-reach places without straining. 
  • The water resistant design allows you to use the device in the bath comfortably. Using the device in warm water softens the skin, so you can remove unwanted hairs easily
  • Press the button to choose the speed from soft/normal/power mode depending on part of the body you are treating or thickness of the hair. 
  • And LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas like the underarms and the bottoms of your feet. This allows you to find and remove every hair. 


  • Independently Floating Twin-Head
  • 60-degree Inner Blades
  • 8,200 cpm Motor
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pouch
  • AA Battery x2


  • Swivel Head
  • Trimmer
  • 6,000 cpm Motor
  • Compact Design
  • AA Battery X2
  • Independently Floating Triple-Heads
  • 30-degree Inner Blades
  • 10,000cpm Motor
  • Double-Slit Center Blade
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pop-up Trimmer
  • Cord / Cordless Operation
  • Universal Voltage
  • Pouch